How to activate email alerts for TFS work items.

In order to activate email alerts for TFS 2013 work items, following two steps are needed. Enable Email alerts on TFS Server: 1) Login to TFS Server. 2) Open TFS Console and check if Email alerts are Enabled. Application Tier –> Email Alert Settings TFS_WorkItem_Alerts1

Click on “Alert Settings” if they are not enabled.


Enable Email Alerts and enter the details about SMTP Server, Port & Send From Address. You can make changes as needed in above form. Click OK. To test these settings, In TFS Console click this link. TFS_WorkItem_Alerts3 , mention the recipient and optional message for testing.


If configuration is correct you will receive below message. TFS_WorkItem_Alerts5


Create Email Alerts for work items in TFS Project Workspace:

Out of the box you cannot create Alerts at Project Collection level but you have to create for each project workspace individually. Open the project workspace site in the browser. TFS_WorkItem_Alerts7

Click on Logged In User Name and than select My Alerts. TFS_WorkItem_Alerts8

On this dialog, click on “Advanced Alert Management Page”. TFS_WorkItem_Alerts9

From this screen you can create different types of alerts which includes: 1) Work item alerts 2) CheckIn alerts 3) Build alerts 4) Code review alerts We will create 2 new Work item alerts (for new work item and modification of any existing work item). Select Project name –> Work item alerts & Click on New on the right pane. TFS_WorkItem_Alerts10

Select the template name from this dialog & click Ok. TFS_WorkItem_Alerts11

Choose defaults and click Ok.


You can see one alert is created. Now click on “New” once again to create another , this time choose different template & click Ok.


Choose default on next screen  & Click Ok.


You can now see two alerts are created.


Click on “Save” to save these alerts configurations.

How to test if our configuration is successful:

TFS Project Workspace site in browser &  Click on Tasks to create new task for testing. TFS_WorkItem_Alerts16

Enter some information (Title & Assign to yourself) and click on “Save & Close”. TFS_WorkItem_Alerts17

Check your mailbox if you received any email from TFS (the sender account is same as we configured in very first step).


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