Fixing Missing TFS 2013 Project Portal Site

If you missed Project Portal Site creation while creating new project on TFS 2013 or you faced errors (most of the time permission issues with SharePoint), you can follow below steps to create Project Portal Site after a Project is created in TFS 2013.


The above image is showing a Project without Project Portal link under Activities.

We can divide this process into two steps:

1) Creating a Missing site

2) Linking newly created site with Project Workspace

Assumption: TFS 2013 & corresponding SharePoint 2013 is configured already and you are familiar working with both of them.

1: Creating Missing site

Note: To create Project Portal site, you should be a site collection administrator (When you create Project Collection in TFS, it creates Corresponding Site Collection in SharePoint 2013).

First thing you need is Project Collection (Site Collection) URL.

If you don’t know what is Site Collection URL, you can find it by Opening TFS Console as shown below.


In TFS Console –> Application Tier –> Team Project Collections

Select Project Collection Name in right pane and it will show you some tabs in the bottom, on the “SharePoint Site” tab, you can find Current default site location.

Open the URL in the browser.

For example: http://ServerName/Sites/


Click on Site Content


Click on “new subsite”


Enter Title of your project but description is optional.

In Website Address –> URL Name , try to enter the same URL as of your current Project Workplace site , it will help in later steps when we will link/integrate Project Portal with Project workspace site.

For example if your Project Workspace URL ends with /Project1 then enter /Project1 in above step.

Leave the default selected and click on Create Button. Upon successful completion you will see new page as below.


2: Linking newly created site with Project Workspace

Open Visual Studio 2013/2012 and using Team Explorer , choose the desired project.


Click on Settings


Click on Portal Settings


Enable Team Project Portal and click on Configure URL (Note: this step can also be used to change the Project Portal URL if it was created already).


It will automatically select the SharePoint Site we created in Step 1 , because we choose the same path.

Click Ok


Enable Reports & dashboards…. Checkbox (optional, if you want to configure TFS Reports using SSRS).

Click OK and we are done.

Open Project workspace site again and you will find the link in the Activities section.


Hope this will help you.


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